Projects Requiring a Building Permit

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Please note: these are general guidelines only. If you are unsure whether your project will require a building permit, please give us a call. Ultimately, the property owner is responsible for ensuring there is a building permit for the project they are undertaking.

Permits are required for the following projects:

  • The construction, renovation, extension, or demolition of any building or structure
  • Structural work including alterations to interior partitions, installation of skylights, the addition or enlargement of windows, doors or dormers
  • Constructing or finishing rooms in the basement or attic, converting garage space into living space
  • Creating an accessory apartment in an existing dwelling
  • Altering the foundation or roof structure of an existing building
  • Raising a dwelling or excavating a crawl space to provide full basement (underpinning foundation)
  • Construction or installation of an accessory building larger than 10m² (108 ft²) (including garden sheds, garages, carports, pool huts)
  • Some designated structures such as retaining walls greater than 1m in height
  • The installation of solar panels with an aggregate face area of 5m² (53.8ft²) or greater
  • Alteration or extension of an existing plumbing system
  • Installation of a new heating or ventilation system
  • Installation of a solid fuel burning appliance (wood burning stove or fireplace)
  • Installation of a furnace using a new fuel source
  • Installation of non-residential air conditioning systems
  • Installation, alteration, extension, or repair of on-site sewage systems
  • Modification to site services (water or sewage lines)
  • Temporary tents greater than 60m² (646 ft²)
  • Installation of a swimming pool (in-ground or above ground)
  • Installation of a temporary and/or portable building
  • Vertical or horizontal bunker silos and grain bins
  • Manure storage structures
  • New or expanding livestock facilities
  • Change of use of a building (example converting a farm storage building to a residential detached garage)
  • Relocation of an existing building