Property Taxes

Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your property and home.

Property tax payments at the Township of Guelph/Eramosa are due on the last working days of February, May, August and October.  These dates are set by by-law each year and are subject to change.

How to receive your bill
  1. By Mail
  2. Electronically - As part of our e-Billing Program, you will receive your tax bill in PDF format to the e-mail address that you provide. It will arrive at least 21 days prior to the earliest installment due date as shown on the bill. This will be your only notification of the installment due dates as you will no longer receive  a paper copy in the mail. To join our e-Billing program, please download, fill out and return the application form.

Please note, e-Billing is optional. Not all residents may want to participate in this program. 

How to pay your bill

For your convenience the Township of Guelph of Guelph/Eramosa offers a number of payment methods:                

  1.  Pre-authorized Payment (PAP) Plan – form and program descriptions available under forms 
  2. By Mail – P.O. Box 700, Rockwood, ON  N0B 2K0.  The Township will accept post-dated cheques that correspond with the due dates on the tax stubs and will be held for deposit until they become due.  Please record your property roll number on the front of your cheque(s). Please mail early to avoid penalties and interest due to postal or other delays.  Please do not send cash by mail.
  3. In Person – 8348 Wellington Road 124, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm by cheque, cash or  debit.
  4. Telephone or Internet Banking – check with your financial institution regarding the availability of these options.  Please note that some financial institutions may charge for these services and may require processing time before they are credited to the Township’s bank account.  In order to treat all ratepayers fairly, your payment is not considered made until the money is credited to the Township’s bank account.
  5. Financial Institutions – Taxes may be paid at most banks on or before the due dates.  Payments accepted after the due date are subject to penalties and interest.  As with the Telephone and Internet banking your payment is not considered made until the money is credited to the Township’s bank account.
  6. Night Deposit Box – located at the front entrance of the Township Building – 8348 Wellington Road 124 at Brucedale.

Change of address

Please notify the municipal tax office in writing of any address changes.  An address change form can be found here.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a taxpayer from liability of penalty for late payment.

Supplementary tax bills

The Township issues supplementary tax bills when MPAC has reassessed a property because of reclassification of the tax class of a property, additions or improvements to the property that increase its market value or when MPAC has fully assessed a new building.

In the case of a newly constructed home, there can be a considerable delay between the occupancy dates and when the Township receives the assessment information from MPAC.  Until the Township receives this information, the Township cannot issue a full tax bill.  Once MPAC has assesses the new house, MPAC will send the assessment information to the Township so a supplementary bill can be issued.  The Township will send a supplementary tax bill, usually dated back to the move in date.  Tax Bills received prior to the supplementary billing are usually smaller and represent land only.

Property assessment

Property Tax Rates

Late Payment Charges

Seniors and Persons with disabilities


Property Tax Newsletter
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