The Wiener Dog Dash - Dog Profiles

Meet the racers...


Owner(s): Wibke

Adventurous, fierce, fast, funny, snuggly and so much more. Globe Trotter, vanlifer & Moms Sunshine.


Owner(s): Rebecca

Hugo is our fun loving, mischievous and cuddly fur baby. He loves lying in the sun and following around our little humans, waiting for them to drop food.


Owner(s): Chloe

Churro may look soft and cuddly but he is an aggressive racer who will put you into the wall to win. In his spare time he enjoys barking, eating and more barking. He may not love everyone but if you give him some cheese he will be your best friend.


Owner(s): Chloe

Bean may be odd, timid and small but he is one tough boy. When not training, he is annoying his brother, Churro, and refusing to eat his kibble. Don't be fooled by his cute looks because he will pee on your bed.


Owner(s): Sarah

We say Rigby has two sausage modes: maple breakfast and spicy! He's either sweet and cuddly or loud and zoomy, and we love him for it. He's a good boy, like all dogs are, and we're lucky to have him taking care of us!


Owner(s): Jayde-Marie

Sadie is the littlest lady. Super sassy, and full of energy.


Owner(s): Meg

Introducing…Phoebe! She is beauty, she is grace, she may or may not win this race. This speedy sausage has been preparing for this day for her entire two years of life. With her strong selective hearing skills, Phoebe will hopefully abide by the start whistle but only time will tell…


Owner(s): Alex

Callie is our sassy lady. Rescued in 2020 she now enjoys spending her days with Arthur, he wire haired dachshund brother. She loves cuddles, balls and especially water bottles. She returns this year to defend her win last year.

Phoebe Fettuccine

Owner(s): Danielle

For a little dog, Phoebe has quite the large personality. Phoebe is no stranger to attention, and regularly tries to convince people she doesn’t get enough. She has been preparing for race day since the day she was brought home - often trying to escape from the house/ leash - testing both her moms patience and running abilities. Don’t let this little one fool you, she is one speedy wiener.


Owner(s): Alicia

Hank is a feisty 3 year old mini dachshund. Hank loves playing with his Labrador brother Wesley. He’s got lots of character and is ready to bring the heat!

Winnie (Scratch)

Owner(s): Jenna

4 year old Winnie who has defied the odds after being diagnosed with IVDD. Winnie has put in the work at physio and is now able to continue on living her best life. Winnie's favourite things to do include going for walks in the forest, snacking on treats, and barking hello to the dogs in the neighborhood.

*Poor Winnie is dealing with IVDD. Her best friend, Minnie, will be racing in her place)*


Owner(s): Justine

Moose may be small but he's got the zooms! He can do anything if he puts his mind to it... and if he gets a toy.



Luna is the friendliest pup you'll ever meet! When she's not playing with her dog friends, you'll find her chasing balls, chewing sticks or relaxing in the sun. She may not be fast, but who cares when you're this cute!


Owner(s): Hunter

Ruby, also known as Ruby Scooby, stays true to her name with her silky red coat. She is a super chewer, enjoys long walks with her golden retriever sister, Nala, loves to cuddle and bark at strangers!


Owner(s): Liz

Wire-haired dachshund. Energetic. Came from Regina.


Owner(s): Lauren

Howie is smart, quirky, funny as heck and riddled with separation anxiety which should make him primed to run his little legs out to get to me. His favourite hobbies include swimming (jumping in!), digging holes (sand, dirt or snow he doesn’t discriminate), and playing fetch/rolling on his collections.


Owner(s): Jade

Lexi is 2 and a half year old wiener dogs, who has one blue eye, and one brown eye.  She has one older, wiener dog sister (named Lilly) who is almost 13 years old. Lexi loves to chase her sister around and run circles around her to show off. 


Owner(s): Allison

Ruby is a sweet and sassy miniature dachshund who loves to cuddle and go on hikes and eat treats - especially french fries! She has big dog energy, so she is very vocal when she sees other big dogs. She loves to run around in the yard and when she gets the zoomies she is VERY fast.


Owner(s): Jasmine

Kingston is an extremely handsome long-haired, miniature dachshund with a reverse silver dapple cream coat! He is oh so loveable and very playful, yet has such an attentive and distinguished demeanour. He is loved an absurd amount by his whole family as well as by everybody who has the absolute pleasure of meeting our sweet, little Fur-Angel! Kingston takes after his momma (who got an NCAA scholarship for track and field) and is both athletic and agile! We can’t wait to see him race in his very first Wiener Dog Dash!


Owner(s): Natasha

Hi my name is Ringo and I’m a miniature dachshund. My mom says I’m stubborn little man but my parents love me so much! I love to run and chase squirrels even though mom and dad get mad at me every time I do it… I still don’t understand why! This will be my second race and last time I came really close to winning … I think this year will be my year!!


Owner(s): Courtney

Eddie is an 8 month old puppy who is full of life and energy. He’s a sweet boy who loves his snuggles as much as his zoomies. Watch out he’s a fast boy, and determined just like his mum.


Owner(s): Chantel

Hello, my name is Kiki (like drake sings it- kiki do you love me?!), i am a rare smooth coat all black miniature dachshund, i love to cuddle with my mom & play with my other dachshund cousin & auntie. 


Owner(s): Curtis

Fun smart loves to run!


Owner(s): Keely

Dolly was adopted from the GHS along with her sister Molly in June 2022. She is a very active senior pup and she is obsessed with squeaky tennis balls, she would play fetch 24/7 if she could. Dolly is a giant cuddle bug trapped in a dachshund body, she loves to be as close as possible so she can give sneaky lizard tongue kisses.


Owner(s): Janet

Sophie is a singer but she can run too—especially if there’s a bunny to chase. She is a newbie to the racing circuit but don’t underestimate her!


Owner(s): Alexandria

Buddy is a fiery and energetic little man! He loves to cuddle with his friends and family but is a firecracker in the backyard.

The Mighty Zeus

Owner(s): Theresa

Coming out of retirement for one last race! Zeus loves laying in the sun and hunting mice at the farm.


Owner(s): Christine

Pepper is the most affectionate pup around! He loves his big brother Dash and all of his family members very dearly! He loves to explore nature and chase squirrels out of our yard.







Owner(s): Heidi

Winnie is a rescue from Texas who loves to eat, bark and cuddle.  Her goal this year is to actually cross the finish line!



Owner(s): Nikoletta

She is a 1.5 years old real “couch potato”, who loves kisses and cuddles. And She scared of the world.



Owner(s): Kara

Minnie loves sunbathing, cuddles, going for walks, and barking when her Dad isn't around.  Above all else, she loves food, one of her favourites being a pup cup from Starbucks.  If Minnie makes a stop at Starbucks and leaves empty handed, she will hold a grudge and withhold kisses for at least 24 hours.

*Racing on behalf of Winnie*