The Wiener Dog Dash - Dog Profiles

Meet the racers...


Owner(s): Kathryn

Penny likes to spend her days laying on the sofa or napping in the sunshine. Penny loves children, but is not a fan of squirrels!


Owner(s): Haley

Sophie is a very happy go lucky girl. She is very loyal. Loves a good cuddle, dog walk, and always giving kisses.


Owner(s): Victoria

Cash is sweet, loyal and full of surprises. Literally. He always bring home leaves and sticks and snowballs in his fluffy coat when he goes on walks. His favourite hobby is keeping up with his brother, Colt, a short-hair wiener dog.


Owner(s): Monica

Rufus is 11 but don’t let his age fool you! He is a fast sprinter! LOVES to destroy squeaky toys, loves belly scratches and of course tasty treats! He has two sisters and he gets along well with both - will cuddle with whoever is closest. One of his favourite things is running in the backyard chasing whatever critter is moving.


Owner(s): Wibke

Odin is fierce, happy, fast, adventurous, beach crazy, hiking addict, lover boy, snuggle buddy, travel experienced (Germany 2x), camping guru, mommy’s boy, and so much more!!


Owner(s): Sarah

Penny likes short walks in the park and lounging in the sun. If it's rainy or cold outside, snuggling up under lots of blankets or next to a heat vent will suffice. She's 14 but can still run like the wind if there's a treat in it for her!


Owner(s): Laura

Colt is too smart for his own good and was born to race! He is always leaving his brother Cash in the dust and beating him to the snack and cuddles. He is a mama's boy at heart


Owner(s): Chloe

Churro is the silliest little boy in the world. He has a need for speed and loves to chase all his long legged friends around. On his down time he like to nap under a pile of blankets and eat all the snacks he can get his paws on.


Owner(s): Catherine

Ruthie is a sweet and funny tweenie piebald dachshund! She loves to hang out with other doxies and love to run around and being outdoors. She’s also quite speedy- especially when she sees mom and dad!


Owner(s): Andreia

Wally is a long haired miniature dachshund that loves being out on the canoe during the summers and curled up under the covers in the winter. He loves chasing anything that moves (including mom and dad) but also loves showering everyone with his kisses. Wally cannot wait to show everyone how fast he is!


Owner(s): Amanda

SJ is a mini wirehair dachshund. She is 8lbs of pure sauciness. She loves being outside, chasing squirrels, playing frisbee and trying to convince her two senior dachshund siblings to play! Consider her fierce competition.


Owner(s): Justin and Alex

Callie is our sassy little lady. She has been through a lot in her life before making her way to us and now lives happily with her brother Arthur. She loves water bottles more than any other toy that can be bought and is excited for her first ever race.



Levi is a 2.5 year old Black and Tan male miniature doxie. He spent his first two years in West Virginia but became a Canadian boy in January 2022. Levi loves walks, belly rubs, playing fetch, and giving kisses. He lives with his mom in Kitchener.


Owner(s):Olga & Sonny

Winston is our silly and stubborn furball.. He loves running off leash in the park. When not running, he's a professional food beggar and bed warmer. His favourite toys are GiGi the Giraffes and anything else that squeaks.


Owner(s): Jessica

Maisie is an energetic 4 year old wirehaired daschund.  She loves to lay in the sun and chase squirrels!  Her greatest pleasure in life is food and camping!


Owner(s): Monica and Dean

Scarlett is a 2yr old Red Dapple.. She may be cute but don't be fooled. She's a sassy ball of fire and runs like the wind. She's very social, but she is not only there to compete. She's the one they should fear.


Owner(s):Arianna Hanna

She gets the zoomies where she runs laps around the house. This will build up her stamina and speed for race day!


Owner(s):Darrin Ward

Ringo is a miniature dachshund, he is a stubborn but sweet boy, loves cuddles and kisses and his stuffed animals, and of course .. squirrels!


Owner(s): Jade Smith

Lexi aka “Lexi Bear”- 1.5 year old female silver dapple with one blue eye. She’s a Tom boy who loves to get into shenanigans. She loves her sisters Lilly and London.


Owner(s): Alicia

Hank is a fierce firecracker who thinks he’s bigger than he is! He will be 2 on August 2nd 2022 and his little legs move faster than lightning. He’s ready to bring the heat!


Owner(s): Heidi

Winnie was rescued from Texas almost three years ago and now lives in her forever home along with her rescue sister Kass. She enjoys singing the song of her people (aka barking) as well as sharing her opinions (moaning and groaning). She likes to make friends with toads and doesn't understand why they don't want to play. Favourtie pastimes include eating, cuddling and hiding bones in her blankets. She has never raced before but is up for the challenge!


Owner(s): Seonaid

Dudley loves to run through the woods meeting and greeting his friends along the way. His favourite pastime is watching his family with great focus, and chewing the squeekies out of his toys. He enjoys basking in the sun, giving lots of kisses and snuggling on the couch.


Owner(s): Vicki

Girlfriend is sweet, snuggly and adorable BUT don't let her fool you, she can also be rowdy and playful! She may be young but she's smart and quick!


Owner(s): Joe

This sweet senior wiener loves sun, sleeping and snacks! She'll run as fast and far as possible for food so watch out!