The Wiener Dog Dash - Dog Profiles

Meet the racers...


Owner(s): Courtney

Eddie is a 1 year old sweet weenie who loves to play with all the toys, kids, and just loves attention. He loves his zoomies and is a mama’s boy.


Owner(s): Rebecca

Buddy is a friendly and loving puppy. He loves to play chase and fetch.  He enjoys meeting people and other dogs.  He gives lots of kisses and also loves to nap.


Owner(s): Chantel

Hi my name is Kiki, I'm coming back again  to race this year as a full grown weenie and hope to take home a title.


Owner(s): Alicia

Hank is a fierce competitor! He enjoys suntanning in the sun and playing with his Labrador brother Wesley. Hank is ready to bring the thunder!


Owner(s): Megan

Introducing…Phoebe! She is beauty, she is grace, she may or may not win this race. This speedy sausage has been preparing for this day for her entire three years of life. With her strong selective hearing skills, Phoebe will hopefully abide by the start whistle but only time will tell…


Owner(s): Ramona

My little Mija is full of life and loves to soar off furniture. She is extremely empathetic, loving, gorgeous and has no fear.


Owner(s): Laura

Benson (Benny) is a tweenie miniature dachshund who has captured our hearts since the moment we brought him home. He is curious, playful and very friendly - in fact, he will cry if someone does not say hi to him while on a walk or at the store! He loves giving kisses, snuggling under a pile of blankets and anytime his little cousins sneak him a piece of cheese under the table. He also has the need for speed and loves sprinting around the dog park with the big dogs!


Owner(s): Charisse

My puppy was born on April 23, 2023. She full of life and a very active red short hair. She loves to run, play and chill on the beach. She looks forward to giving it her best in the race!


Owner(s): Amanda

SJ is 9 lbs of pure fire! Don't let those bushy eyebrows and luxurious lady beard fool you, she is a fierce competitor. This gal will do just about anything for her favourite toy WUBBA! 


Owner(s): Lucille

Louis watched the wiener dog race last year and is just rearing to go! He is friendly, good-natured and a delight to have around. He can do some tricks too.


Owner(s): Michelle

Senzu Bean is the Queen Of Ween, made of sausage and speed, she loves to dazzle and delight! At 5 years old Senzu has proven to be the hottest dog in show biz, traveling North America performing her amazing tricks and stunts. Senzu has competed in many sports such as agility, frisbee and dock diving. 
She is ready to smoke the competition in this race!


Owner(s): Maria

Winston is a super active and loving dog! He loves people, food, long walks (as long as its not raining), and cuddling under the blankets. Winston is a social dog, his brother is an Australian Shepard and his two best friends are Dobermans. He loves going on walks with them and playing at the park.


Owner(s): Ally

Brace yourselves because this weiner is back for redemption! I am my pawrents little princess, and i love to eat carbs and clown around. Whenever I’m happy i get a serious case of the zoomies!


Owner(s): April

My baby hotdog’s name is Tucker. He is 2 years old and he is a longhaired purebred dachshund. He
s so sweet, stubborn at times but very friendly to everyone and all types of dogs.