Several of the most frequently requested By-laws are located below. Updates will be placed on the website, as available.

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Bylaw # Description
17/2012 Anti-Fortification By-law
46/2005 Building By-law - Consolidated (Effective March 1, 2021)
13/2018 Building Department Fees - Consolidated (Effective March 1, 2021)
21/2021 Boulevard Maintenance and Highway Obstruction By-law Consolidated (Effective May 17, 2021)
53/2011 Civic Numbering By-law
26/2020 Clean Yards By-law - Consolidated (Effective December 7, 2020)

Development Charges By-law - Consolidated (Effective January 13, 2020)  


Dog By-law (Animal Control) - Consolidated (Effective January 11, 2021)

47/2010 Dumping By-law
50/2014 Election Sign By-law - consolidated as of 2018.05.29
16/2012  Encroachment Cost Recovery 
18/2021 Entrance Permit By-law - consolidated May 3, 2021


Fees and Charges By-law 

30/2005 Fences and Gates Around Swimming Pools By-law
52/2007 Fencing By-law & Schedule A to Fencing By-law
8/2010 Firearms Discharge By-law - Consolidated
15/2013 Heavy Trucks By-law & Consolidated Heavy Trucks Schedules
04/2017 Kennel By-law
5001/05 Noise By-law

Open Air Burning By-law

Open Air Burning Visual Aid - Not Part of the By-law

95/2015 Outdoor Water Use Restriction By-law
30/2021 Off-Road Vehicles By-law
18/2018 Planning Services Fees


Public Parks and Open Space (revised)


Parking By-law (Consolidated October 19, 2020)

15/2021 Parkland (Cash in Lieu) By-law


Procedural By-law for Council and Committees of Council - Consolidated

78/2008 Procedural By-law for Advisory Committees to Council
43/2019 Procurement By-law
50/2018 Property Standards By-law (Consolidated March 1, 2021)
32/2021 Retention By-law
40/2017 Rockwood Cemetery By-Law
22/2021 Site Alteration By-law
61/2010 Site Plan Control By-law

2021 Tax Rate By-law

2020 Tax Rate By-law

2019 Tax Rate By-law

2018 Tax Rate By-law

2017 Tax Rate By-law

21/2000 Water Use By-law
42/2020 Water and Wastewater Service Rates and Fees
40/2016 Zoning By-law

The above consolidations are an electronic reproduction made available for information only. They are not an official version of the By-law. The format may be different, and plans, pictures, other graphics or text may be missing or altered. The Township of Guelph/Eramosa does not warrant the accuracy of these electronic versions.