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DocuPet's leading pet profile, lost pet, and licensing plaftform! Pet guardians will soon get free access to DocuPet's 24/7 HomeSafeTM Lost Pet Service, Perks for Pet Owners Program, and beautiful personalized and designer tags linked to secure online profiles when they license their pets with the Township.

DocuPet strives to fulfill their mission of helping more pets find a safe and happy home by working with communities to increase awareness of the importance of pet licenses and the role they play in funding criticial community initiatives. 

DocuPet - FAQ's

Starting January 1, 2020, all dog tag purchases must be made through DocuPet. However, you do not need to opt in to the additional services that DocuPet provides.

Residents will be able to purchase their dog tag(s) through DocuPet at the municipal office with assistance from Township staff during regular business hours.

Your pet licence includes the following: Unique Pet Tag:

  • Our tags are a bit different than what you might be used to. Each tag has a unique ID code that is specific to your pet. Our high-quality zinc alloy tag has a special code on the back that is unique to your pet and this code is associated to an online profile which you can manage from your DocuPet account.
  • Online Profile: Your Pet's online profile allows you to store your contact information, additional pet information and a photo of your pet. Here you can choose what information is visible to the public through your privacy settings.
  • Lost Pet Program: Our Home: Lost Pet System is a free online tool designed to connect pet owners and their community to share updates about the whereabouts and condition of lost pets. Your pet’s tag is engraved with a unique identifying code that is tied directly to their online profile. This code is what allows both you and members of your community to easily and efficiently communicate through our system’s Lost and Found Pet Reports.
  • Tags That Help All Pets: Not only do our tags help lost pets get home safely, they also help fund local initiatives that find safe and happy homes for society’s most vulnerable animals.

DocuPet provides pet licensing services for municipalities. Our mission is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Our licensing platform and supporting programs are designed to make the licensing process convenient and enjoyable for pet owners and administrators alike. We accomplish this by:

  • Offering online and over the phone options that allow pet owners to license their pets from the comfort of their own homes, or pop in to a vendor location to quickly license in person
  • Increasing awareness of the program’s requirements and benefits through online advertising, mail-outs, email campaigns, digital signage and community awareness programs
  • Helping pets find their way home if ever lost through our proven HomeSafe™ Lost Pet System
  • Building the pet owner and pet business community through our online pet profiles
  • Providing an enhanced experience - from our pet tags to our exceptional customer service team

For more information about DocuPet, see

Your pet tag will come in the mail regardless if you license online, over the phone, or in person. Please allow for 10-12 business days to receive your tag and use your receipt as proof of licence in the meantime!

Photo of a golden retriever laying on the floor
Why I should license my dog?
  • If your dog gets lost or is injured, a dog licence (dog tag) is a fast and easy way to identify your dog and to get in contact with you.
  • Licensed dogs are likely to be returned home.
  • Licensing your dog shows that you are a responsible pet owner.
  • By-law 80/2016 requires that your dog be licensed by the Township. It's the law!

How do I license my Dog?
  • To obtain a dog licence, visit the Township's DocuPet page; or
  • Visit the Township Municipal Office during regular business hours; or
  • Visit the Guelph Humane Society at 190 Hanlon Creek Blvd, Guelph during regular business hours. 

Please note, tags will only be issued by DocuPet and if you visit one of the above-mentioned locations, your information will be entered into the DocuPet system and your dog tag will be sent to you by mail.

Dog Tag Licence Fees

As of January 1, 2024, dog tag fees have increased due to the following reasons:

  • Dog control costs have increased.
  • Dog tag fees in Guelph/Eramosa have not increased since 2017.
  • New dog tag fees now compare with neighbouring municipalities. 
Licence Type Fee as of January 1, 2020
One (1) fertile dog $37.00
One (1) spayed/neutered dog $32.00
Replacement Tag $5.00

Fees will increase by $5.00 if purchased late. 

Dog Limit

In the Township of Guelph/Eramosa, no person shall have more than three (3) dogs on any premises, in accordance with By-law 80/2016.

Leash Requirements

A dog shall be leashed at all times.

For more information, please contact Legislative Services at 519-856-9596 ext. 101.

Lost and Found Dogs

For more information on what to do if you have lost or found a dog in the Township of Guelph/Eramosa, please click here.