Consumer Information Guide

The BAO’s Consumer Information Guide: A Guide to Death Care in Ontario is a free consumer-protection information booklet. The guide is written for families and the public to know their rights and responsibilities before entering into contracts with organizations that are licensed under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002. All licensees of the BAO are required to provide consumers with a copy of this guide. 

Below please find a comprehensive list of the cemeteries located within the Township of Guelph/Eramosa.

Rockwood Cemetery

Location: 501 Main St S, Rockwood, ON

Eden Mills Cemetery

Location:  4919 Wellington Rd 29, Guelph/Eramosa, ON

Contact: Kathie MacDonald, Secretary/Treasurer 519-856-4971  macdonaldkr1@gmail.com

Everton Cemetery

Location:  5381 Wellington Rd 49, Everton, ON

Contact:  Gordon Thomson  519-856-4268

Marymount Cemetery

Location:  5400 Highway 6, Guelph, ON

Contact:  519-836-8814 or click here to visit their website 

McCormick Cemetery

Location:  5559 Wellington Rd 29 (between Wellington Rd 124 & Sideroad 20)

Contact:  Maintained by the Township of Guelph/Eramosa

Osborne Cemetery

Location:  4921 Wellington Rd 44, Guelph/Eramosa, ON

Contact:   Maintained by the Township of Guelph/Eramosa

Rustic Cemetery

Location:  5777 Fifth Line, Oustic, ON


Parkinson Cemetery

Location:  8071 Wellington Rd 124, Rockwood, ON

Contact: Township of Guelph/Eramosa

Stone Church Cemetery

Location:  5374 Fourth Line

Contact:  John Thomson 519-822-5007

Union/Johnson Cemetery

Location:  8149 Sideroad 20 (between Second & Third Line)

Contact:  Alex Lush  519-856-9512 (Day) or 519-856-9009 (Evening) or


Township of Guelph/Eramosa Cemetery License Operator #3309074-1