CAO's office

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides leadership to the Corporation and oversees Township Departments, as well as Human Resources and By-law Enforcement.

Building Department

The Building Department oversees and processes building permit applications and conducts building inspections in accordance witht the Ontario Building Code and the Township's Zoning By-law.

Finance department

The Finance Department handles the financial matters of the Township.

Fire department

The Fire Department is responsible for emergency response and fire prevention activities within the Township.

Legislative Services

The Legislative Services Department provides legislative and administrative support and services to the public, Township Departments and Council.

Parks and Recreation Department

The Parks and Recreation Department maintains the parks, properties and facilities in the Township, to improve quality of life in the community.


Planning Services responds to general inquiries related to land use within the Township and specific inquiries related to development applications.   

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department provides and maintains infrastructure to ensure service levels are met with regard to roads and water/wastewater in the Township.