Compliance Letters

Compliance Letters

The purpose of a compliance letter is to obtain written information on a property. Generally, this is requested by a lawyer on behalf of a seller or potential purchaser of a property that has or is in the process of being listed for sale.

Compliance Letters can cover the following information:

  • Zoning Information (including the permitted uses and associated regulations)
  • Building Permits On-File
  • Outstanding Building Permits or Final Inspections
  • Active Work Orders
  • Active By-law Enforcement Violations
  • Active Site Alteration Permits
  • Planning Act Applications (Includes Zoning By-law Amendments and Minor Variances)
  • Site Plan Agreements

Please note that if you are looking for septic information, you will need to contact the Building Department at to obtain a Septic Report. For tax information, please request a Tax Certificate from the Finance Department by contacting

If you are looking to obtain municipal approval for propane storage/propane cylinder exchange, please begin by obtaining a Letter of Compliance from the Fire Department. This letter will need to be submitted with your Compliance Letter Request before the Planning Department can provide written recognition of the use.

To submit a compliance letter request, you will need the following:

  1. Municipal Property Address and/or Legal Description.
  2. Owner Authorization (if the applicant is not the owner of the property)
  3. Compliance Letter Fee: $145 (2024)

See Fees and Charges By-law for updated fees: