Highway 7 Watermain Replacement Update

In order to maintain water service to Harris Street while connections are made to the new watermain on Highway 7, Harris Street has been temporarily connected to Rockwood Pressure Zone 2 (Noble Ridge and Ridge Top Area). The typical operating pressure for Zone 2 is higher than the Harris Street area, so in order to protect internal plumbing,  the operating pressure in Zone 2 has been reduced. The temporary connection is expected to remain in place for approximately one week while additional connections are made on Highway 7. This will not affect water meters inside your homes.   

In terms of remaining watermain work, the Harris Street connection was completed late during the evening and into the night on September 1st. The new watermain is now live and affected services within the construction zone will be switched for the old watermain to the new watermain. Following that, three additional main line connections remain before the underground work is completed. A new connection to Carroll Street to eliminate older watermain within Highway 7 and the connection to the main line at either end of the work zone.

We apologize for this unexpected turn of events and are working diligently so all may return to normal. Thank You for your understanding and patience!

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