Sewer cleaning in the south end of Rockwood is completed. Thank you for your patience.

Sewer Flushing 2023

Please be advised that sewer flushing of the sanitary sewer system will be taking place in Rockwood commencing on September 25 until mid-October to remove grit, sand, gravel, and greases from the sewer mains.   This is a preventative maintenance operation that helps prevent sewer blockages, odour generation and premature wear on mechanical components.  The work will be completed between 7 am and 5:30 pm Monday to Thursday.

What is a Sanitary Sewer System?

Rockwood has a sanitary sewer collection system which transports wastewater from homes and business to the centralized location for treatment.  In the case of Rockwood, that treatment is ultimately provided at the City of Guelph  wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Rockwood system has over 20 kilometers of gravity sanitary sewers, and five sewage pumping stations and one pretreatment plant which sends sewage to Guelph.  The sewers within Rockwood rely on gravity to function and provide minimum flow velocity to keep the sewers clear and flowing.  Over time materials such as grit, sand gravel and greases settle out and remain in the sewers with the potential to case to backups and sewer surcharging which can result in damage to property.  Preventative maintenance in the form of sewer flushing is completed to ensure that the gravity sewers continue to flow freely preventing blockages, odour generation and premature wear on mechanical components within the pumping stations. 

What is sewer flushing?

Sewer flushing is a preventative maintenance process necessary to remove settled and accumulated material within the gravity sanitary sewers to eliminate the potential for sanitary sewer main surcharging. 

During this process a flushing contractor sets up equipment at manholes in the roadway to release pressurized water through the sanitary sewer main, removing any buildup.  As a result, a bubbling and/or vacuum effect may be noticed in your drains or toilets.  If a residents begin to notice this occurring, it is recommended that you close all toilet seats and cover any floor drains during the flushing period. In addition, in order to eliminate the potential of sewer gas migrating into home, it is important to refill all plumbing traps by running water in your sinks and floor drains after work is complete. 

During the cleaning process, air pressure is created inside the sewer pipe. Most of the time, the pressurized air escapes with no impact. In some instances, the air can only escape through the service connection between your house and the Town’s sewer system, and will expel through the internal plumbing vents without incident.

In some cases a blocked sewer pipe or vent within a home may result in a more significant air pressure release or blowback through a toilet or floor drain.  The liquid which blows back is either the flushing water used in the process or the liquid contained within the toilet.  Unpleasant odours may also occur.  Should you experience a significant blowback, it is recommended you check your plumbing (ideally by a certified plumber) to ensure that your service connection and vent pipes are clear of debris and are functioning properly.

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