On March 13, 2021 the Guelph Eramosa Fire Department took delivery of their new custom pumper built by Pierce.  The custom pumper represents a significant upgrade in functionality and firefighter safety.  The truck comes with a 1000 gallon tank and high-capacity pump, which are essential for fighting fires in our township.  The larger compartment space will allow us to strategically organize all of our emergency equipment so that we have quick access at emergencies. A motorized arm houses our large, 36’ ladder on top of the rig and brings it down for deployment at the push of a button.  The larger in-cab space is an important safety feature for our firefighters.  

The Fire Department would like to sincerely thank Mayor White and members of Guelph Eramosa Council for their unwavering support of the fire department.  Their support allows us to serve our community to the best of our ability.  We are very glad that Mayor White was able to come out to see the new pumper and look forward to welcoming the rest of the members of council in the near future when it is safe to gather.

Currently, our firefighters are undergoing driver training on the truck and getting familiar with the operation of all of its components.  We hope to have it in service in the upcoming weeks.  When we are able to host our community events at the fire hall again, we look very forward to showing you the new truck in person!

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