Heritage Stamps

In 2016, the Heritage Committee held a Commemorative Heritage Stamp Contest celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ontario Heritage Act. GET residents had the opportunity to design stamps, through photography or artwork, that depicted an aspect of local Guelph/Eramosa heritage. Five stamps were selected as winners and are now available for purchase (at cost) at the Municipal Office. The stamps are a great way to personalize your mail with photos celebrating local heritage from around Guelph/Eramosa.

Purchase Options:

Booklets of 12 postage stamps for $17.95 (including taxes)

Sheets of 26 postage stamps for $35.00 (including taxes)

Individual stamps for $1.50 per stamp.

If you are interested in purchasing stamps, please contact Amanda Knight at aknight@get.on.ca or by phone at 519-856-9596 ext. 125 with your request to ensure we can accommodate your order.

The Stone Farmhouse

"This stone farmhouse is an excellent representation of the many stone homes scattered throughout the Township. The construction of the residence exemplifies a high degree of sophisitcation and reflects the expertise of the Scottish masons. Built by Robert Blyth in 1888, the building is well preserved and retains its original form".

- Don & Joyce Blyth, GET residents

Ariss Post Office

Joseph House built this frame building as a home in 1902 with a general store in one room. In 1908 the Post Office was established there with the arrival of the CPR railway, Mrs. Ellen House acting as Post Mistress. Rural Route #1, Ariss, established in 1911, was the first rural line to operate in Guelph Township. Gas pumps were added in 1918. In 1960 the building expanded to its present size to accomodate the Lucky Dollar grocery chain. In 2008, Ariss Post Office was honoured for 100 years of service".

- Joyce Blyth, GET resident

Mustang Drive-In

For over 50 years, the Mustang Drive-In has been showing movies to the Township. As a child growing up in the 80's I enjoyed watching movies here. It was always thrilling to see the large blue wall peering through the frm fields as we drove closer. Now, living down the street, I'm pleased to see the popularity of the Drive-In is thriving. I look forward to taking my baby daughter one day. As the landscape slowly changes in the Township of Guelph-Eramosa, it's comforting to see the iconic outdoor theatre remain virtually unchanged".

- Daniel Hauser, GET resident

Rockwood Academy

"I view the Rockwood Academy as a reminder that Eramosa Township has had a history of higher education since 1850, several years before the expanding Ontario Public School system replaced it 32 years later. Prominent alumni include: the Honourable A.S. Hardy (Ontario's fourth Premier from 1896-1899), Sir Adam Beck (founder of the Province's Hydro-Electric system) and James J. Hill (railway magnate)".

- Gordon Carothers, GET resident

Hortop Mill

"The Hortop Mill is a beautiful example of local heritage in Guelph/Eramosa. We have so few historical buildings left. It's nice to see the mill has been preserved and not torn down. I try to imagine what the mill might have been like when it was in operation. It would have been interesting to see. It would be nice if it could someday be fixed up enough for people to see the inside. Until then, I hope it stays standing for many years to come".

- Steph Naylor