Heritage Plaque Program

Photo of a Heritage Pride Plaque for the Ariss Post OfficeThe Guelph/Eramosa Heritage Committee has created a Heritage Plaque Program to showcase the architectural and historic features in the Township and to promote heritage awareness within our community.

A Heritage Plaque is an attractive and weather-resistant plaque displayed on buildings or hung from a sign in front of a building to show the date (or approximate date) of construction, the name and occupation of the original or notable owner.

Are you interested in having a Heritage Plaque?

Below are some frequently asked questions about this program:

Is a Heritage Plaque the same as a heritage designation?

No. The Heritage Plaque is not a designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.  The plaques aid in identifying Guelph/Eramosa’s rich and unique history but does not have the same conservation benefits or regulations as a designation.

Do I qualify for a Heritage Plaque?

If you own a building constructed prior to 1910, you may apply for a plaque.  Building constructed after 1910 may also be considered for their exceptional heritage characteristics, either in architecture, notable occupant/owner or cultural uniqueness.

How do I get a plaque for my house?

You may also wish to visit or contact the Wellington County Museum and Archives for assistance with your research. 

How do I install my Heritage Plaque?

Heritage Plaques should be located in a prominent location, which is visible from the street.  Installation is the responsibility of the property owner. For more information, contact Legislative Services at 519-856-9596 ext. 125 or aknight@get.on.ca