Pre-Consultation Process

Applicants shall be required to undergo a Mandatory Two-Phase Pre-consultation Process with the Township prior to the submission of the following Planning Act Applications:

  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By—law Amendment
  • Draft Plan of Subdivision
  • Draft Plan of Condominium
  • Site Plan
  • Other applications referenced by the Planning Act as may be determined by the Township based on the application‘s complexity or relationship to other application types for which a mandatory pre—consultation applies.
Mandatory Two-Phase Pre-consultation Process:

Phase 1 is to include a Pre-consultation Meeting between the applicant, municipality, and other designated authorities, as deemed necessary by the Planning Department and Township Planning Consultants, for the evaluation of an Application.

Phase 2 is to include a Preliminary Review of the information and materials required to constitute a Complete Application, as identified in the Planning Act and Record of Pre—consultation, which is a letter of acknowledgement that the pre-consultation meeting requirement has been satisfied and a summary of the information and materials required to constitute a complete application.

Pre-consultation Meeting Request

The following information will be required to successfully complete and submit the Request for Pre-consultation form:

  • The general location and physical address of the property
  • The current use of the property
  • A concise summary of the proposal and proposed application(s);
  • Detailed concept plan
  • Other information, as applicable

Note: The Township relies on external consultants to undertake peer review works as part of its process for application review, including pre-consultations. The applicant is required to pay all third-party costs generated through the implementation of the mandatory pre-consultation process.

For more information regarding the Two-Phase Pre-consultation Process, please consult By-law 62-2022.

Please complete and submit the following form to request a pre-consultation meeting.