Clean Yards By-law

Clean Yards By-Law


What is a Clean Yards By-law?

The Clean Yards By-law sets out minimum standards for properties in the Township of Guelph/Eramosa including some rules on litter, waste and property maintenance to help ensure that properties are safe, clean and attractive in relation to adjacent properties.

Picture of well maintained house on streetClean Yards By-law has rules regarding: 

  • Vegetation, grass, weeds, and trees,
  • Garbage, waste, litter and? debris
  • Standing water,
  • Storage of: composting, firewood
  • Vacant lots
  • Derelict motor vehicles, boats and trailers
  • Graffiti  
  • Vacant lots
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions or concerns with respect to the maintenance of property in your area, please contact the By-law Enforcement by phone is 519-856-9596 Ext: 121, or email

Make sure to provide the following information so that an investigation can be opened about your concern.

  1. The address of the property you believe does not comply with the by-law and a description of the issues regarding the property.
  2. Your name, address and telephone number for our By-law Officer to contact regarding concerns.

Please note that we are unable to take anonymous calls, but that all complaint information remains confidential and will not be disclosed.

Learn more about how to report a by-law enforcement infraction.

Picture of Lawnmower cutting grass

Grass and weeds must be maintained in a living condition and cut so as not to be unreasonably overgrown in relation to the neighbouring environment. Noxious weeds and grass can’t exceed 20.32 centimetres (8 inches) in height.

Yes, the property owner is responsible for grass maintenance on the adjacent boulevard (e.g. beside, in front, or behind the property) in residential, commercial and industrial zones.

Photo of raccoon

No, property owners must ensure that their land is kept free and clear of household waste. This helps to ensure that wildlife is not attracted to your property.

Containers used for waste collection services must comply with the County of Wellington’s Curbside Collection By-law? and Disposal By-Law. For more information about recycling and waste collection, please visit the Garage and Recycling page on the County of Wellington’s website.

If you have witnessed someone in the act of littering or dumping waste in the Township, please contact the By-Law Enforcement department. Please record a description of the person(s) who committed the violation and any other relevant details including the date, time, location, vehicle licence plate numbers and pictures (if able to do so safely) to assist the Township with its investigation.

Find a copy of the Township Witness Report form here

Picture of pond with fountainStanding water is any water, other than a natural body of water that exists on a permanent basis. Standing water can be avoided by ensuring that the following items are in good repair and working condition such as a: swimming pool, hot tub, wading pool, drainage swale or artificial pond. All buckets, wheel barrels, and small forms of standing water should be dumped on a regular basis.

There are several conditions contained in the bylaw related to composting. In general, residents need to ensure that all composting takes place in a composter or backyard compost pile. Compost bins may only be placed in rear yards and must be kept at least 1.0 meters (39 inches.) from any property line. Please ensure that composting is kept free of offensive odours and infestation.