Routine flushing of Rockwood and Hamilton Drive water main distribution system will commence April 26th, 2022, with expected completion by May 31st.

Roadside signs will be placed in the local area where the flushing crews are working. Completed areas will be identified on the Township’s website

Water softeners or other filter systems should be placed on bypass to avoid excessive amounts of iron or manganese passing through the media filter. If possible, leave systems off during the advertised flushing timeline (April 26th through May 31st). 

Prior to hydrant flushing, we recommend that you fill a clean container with tap water for drinking and cooking and store this container in your fridge.

Residents may experience temporary instances of discoloured water during the program. It is recommended that residents wait until the water runs clear before consuming water. If discoloured water is noticed, please wait 2 hours to allow for the sediment to settle before  running cold water tap (not hot) for a short period of time until the water runs clear. Removal and cleaning of the tap screen may also be required.

For updates and project status, please visit the Hydrant Flushing page of the Township website

Should you have any questions please contact our Water Wastewater Division at (519) 856-9596 ext. 122.     

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

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